Studio Grignani plays the role of independent director, through the founder Avvocato Guido Grignani, of many boards of directors also of private equity funds and venture capital companies and start-ups.

This presence represents, first of all, a guarantee of the legality and transparency of the funds raised for the investment. Secondly, it ensures a timely and continuous competence of the asset management company that deals with the promotion, establishment and management of investment funds.

The private equity funds intervene with a time horizon that on average is 4 or 5 years to allow the company to develop and achieve the growth objectives set in its strategic plan.

Throughout this period, the study ensures, thanks to its presence, experience and legal advice in the various operational steps of private equity. At the same time, this presence allows the firm to broaden its network of international contacts and to gain in-depth knowledge of the dynamics that guide the financial activities carried out by the fund itself.

Currently, the lawyer Grignani sits on the board of directors of Equilybra Capital Partner spa and Value4Italy spa.