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On the number 39/2019 of Labor Law and Practice an article by Avv. Andrea Loro on the subject of sports justice which, in particular, deals with the jurisdictional protection of the sports employment relationship


The sporting system includes within it a jurisdictional system aimed at resolving disputes between associates – defined as “Sports Justice” – with the possibility of resorting to state justice (or better, administrative justice) only once the judicial levels provided for by the law have been exhausted. sports jurisdiction order.

In the sports field, the role of arbitral justice assumes considerable importance, since all the disputes of an economic nature regarding the rights available between members and affiliates connected to the performance of sporting activities are expressly defined as being compromisable.

The devolution of these disputes to the arbitral jurisdiction originates in the express provision contained in the statutes and in the federal regulations, which the sportsman accepts at the time of registration and which determine the birth of the “bond of justice”.